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By 1969  the Club was growing by leaps and bounds with three football teams and an active social calendar. At the  A.G.M.  held at Murston School Hall on the 12 June 1969 Ray Oddy was re-elected Chairman,  Peter McCarey  General Secretary, Rusty Burgin  Assistant Secretary, and  Peter Wyeth  Social Secretary. There was a vote between Eddie Pilgrim  and Colin Gunn  for the position of Treasurer, which Colin  won; however Eddie was elected on to the social committee . Lawrie Vanlint  was elected Press Secretary, and a newsletter was discussed.

Looking at the first years of  Woodcoombe  we may wonder how a Club with no base kept going. A Club with a great heart was born and kept going because of the enthusiasm and determination of its members; some members showing shining personalities and great leadership abilities, to date we have met some well known members even on today' s standing. Members such as  Ray Oddy, John Rees, Peter Wyeth, Rusty Burgin, Colin Gunn, Eddie Pilgrim set examples for other members to follow, and they still do.

In  1969  the Club was busy expanding and the  Social Committee with  Peter Wyeth as its Secretary showed a balance of £80 in the social account, a lot of money in those days. Ray Oddy was still in the Chair and  Peter McCarey  General Secretary, his assistant was Rusty Burgin and the Treasurer was Colin Gunn . There were two Saturday teams and a Sunday football team, a large majority of the membership still lived in Woodberry Drive, Coombe Drive, Lansdown Road, and Keswick Avenue. In September the first set of Club Rules were agreed.

Geoff Marriott  recalls that in September 1969 the Club borrowed Woodstock's cricket gear( thanks to  Peter Wyeth ) to play a friendly Cricket Match against the Blue Circle team, this was the first time that the Club Members had "tea" in the  A.P.C.M. Clubhouse, now of course our Clubhouse.  Apart from  Geoff, Dick Shrubsall  played for Blue Circle, and Peter Wyeth, Rod Croucher and Brian Bootes  were some of the Woodcoombe  players. From this game Woodcoombe Cricket Club was evolved.