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An interesting development in April 1972  was that Woodcoombe Football Club discussed the possibility of making a loan of £15 to the Cricket Section as a gift, it was at this time that it was noted by Football that Cricket intended opening it's own Bank Account, there was of course much discussion but agreement was reached that the section would hold an account at the National Westminster Bank like Football, with the Treasurer of Football being one of the three signatories. This led to an amendment of Club Rules to cover sections of the Club.

In 1972  the Sportsman of the Year was  Micky Scott , and at this point in the Club's history it was agreed that a new cup be purchased and presented by the Chairman to a member for services to the Club rather than for sporting ability, this was called The Burgin Cup.  It was at this time that Brian Bartlett was asked to purchase replicas of Cups and deal with the necessary engraving which he is still doing in the year 2005 .

On 8th August 1972  it was agreed that each committee member would deliver circulars and correspondence etc. to an allocated area, it was also agreed at that meeting that  Ken Austin would attempt to organize a Junior Football team for member's children.  Peter Wyeth and  Rusty Burgin  agreed to assist with training the youngsters on Saturday mornings. Other matters discussed at that meeting were bonfire night, Father Christmas for Christmas morning, the erection of the Club's Christmas tree in  Dave Barrow's  garden,with the cost of lighting to be found by the club, the Christmas Dance, football and cricket and the lack of support for the trip to the Beer Festival. All monthly committee meetings were long and with very diverse topics to discuss. A couple of meetings later the Christmas Panto outing was also discussed and booked. It is noted that later in the year there was a special meeting for the Christmas Dance. To be a committee member of Woodcoombe at this time meant total devotion to the Club.