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1975  Started with 80 members off to see the ' Aladdin Ice Show  'at Wembley followed by 77 members going to a show in Drury Lane. A social evening was held at the fire station and a Stag Night held at Kemsley Concert Hall. A point of interest is that on 17 March the committee agreed to no longer send flowers to new mothers but Boots or Mother care vouchers to the value of £2.

On 10th May the first function known as "The Annual Presentation Dinner and Dance" took place. Tickets cost £3 or £2.75 for members; there were also tickets for the dance only. Everything was well organised down to the table seating plan and placement cards. The guests were Mr and Mrs Jock Weir.

It was no surprise that at the Annual General Meeting the same committee was elected with the addition of Peter Wyeth  and Roy Jackson , but to spread the work it was agreed that certain members take on specific tasks:  Bruce Anderson  became the Newsletter Editor, Roy Jackson the Publicity Officer, the booking of Social Events fell to Ray Oddy  and the promotion of the Junior Members wishing to play football went to Brian Bartlett . It was once again agreed that Mick Lidstone  looked after membership.

The successful 100 Club run by cricket for fund raising was amalgamated with the volleyball fund raising and became the 1000 Club to be run by the Main Club. In December Ron Smith  was pleased to report 330 members in this fund raising effort.

In the three months from May the Club sought to lease land from Doubleday at Hempstead Lane, Bapchild and Blackett's farm. Members were always on the look out for land to rent or buy.

Brian Bartlett's Under 14 team won their first match 10-0 in the Swale League, but it transpired that unfortunately the team was not registered leading to a fine of £6, yes maybe not quite the start  Brian  wanted but showing their absolute faith the committee agreed to foot a bill for £40 for kit for the youngsters, money well invested.

Records show that the Christmas Draw made a profit of £47.53, the Christmas parties an expected loss of £105.17, but the kids enjoyed themselves and so did the parents, the bonfire made a loss of £1.75 and the November dance a profit of £60.78. Add to this Father Christmas house calls and the continued representation of the Club on the football pitch, once again another hectic year came to a close. 1975  was the year Jock Weir presented the Rose Bowl to the Club, it was agreed this would be held by the Chairman and engraved with his name, such is the perseverance of the holders of this office that up to (2004) only four names appear on it.

In 1975    the   Football    team   represented   Sittingbourne   at   the Festival  of  Sport, and  to  celebrate  10  years  in  the  League  a  football match  was  played  between  the   Rusty  Burgin committee team  and  the   Ray  Oddy  1965   team.  Also  in  1975   a  long association  with  the  Peter  Elligate  Entertainment  Agency  began.