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1987  as a whole looks like a continuous race with so many things started and completed and so many Members involved. On 23 October 1986 Blue Circle had agreed to the improvements we wished to make and the Main Club committee  displayed the plans for the new bar on the notice board.  On 2 February the plans for the alterations were submitted for Planning  and Building Regulations permission.

Clive Mason  was to build the new bar which would be where the old corridor was that led from the entrance hall to the snooker room, so we are talking here removal of wall. On 6 April the Chairman Rusty Burgin at a Main Club Committee meeting said that the bar cost would be £16,000 not including grill which was then estimated at £2,500.  £750 was needed for grills on windows and doors in the Clubroom and locks in the lounge, all for insurance purposes.  He went on that modification to security alarms would cost £800/£1,000, and the grill on the hall door suggested as an alternative to locks on windows would cost £150.  The overall costs of improvements now stood in the region of £20,000


On 4 May the last Main Club Committee meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Treasurer Peter Scales tried to simplify his report prepared for the A.G.M.   Peter  said that after a payment to the builder of £4,500  we had a balance of £14,176.63.  Peter  explained that during the year a profit of 42% had been made on bar sales due to the discounts being larger than anticipated, about £2,000.

Peter went on to explain his Forward Projections which were based on the current year with 5% allowed for cost increases.  Under Clubhouse improvements an allowance had been made for what we had already agreed to spend.  Under improvements the following had been allowed: £16,000 new bar, £1,000 windows and door, £2,500 alarm, electric and plumbing, £1,000 curtains, £1,500 decorating.  As regards the changing room improvements it was also agreed to allow £5,000: the total in reserve at the end of the current year would then be £17,000.  Peter explained that in effect the profits made last year would cover the cost of the improvements in the Clubhouse, and that the changing rooms would be paid for out of next years profits.

At the Annual General Meeting Rules were changed whereby Juniors were classed as Under 18 and not 16.  Tony Cuthbert's  Membership Report showed a total of 1,604 Members in all.  The new Main Club Committee elected was:  Rusty Burgin Chairman, Sandra Tapp General Secretary, Peter Scales Treasurer, Tony Cuthbert Membership Secretary, and the following Assistant Secretaries elected:  Bar Peter Wyeth , Land Brian Bartlett, Social Ray Oddy, Section's Secretary Brian Sherwood,   Editor Richard Shepherd,  General Committee Members:  Terry Wellard,  Len Bateman, Bill Tingey.  This was to change during the year when Len Bateman took over as Social Secretary and Fred Grover was co-opted on as a General Committee Member.

In May the Presentation Dinner/Cabaret was held with a singer, comedian and JOHN KITNEY the magician.  To mark the occasion of our first Dinner in our own Clubhouse for £12 we ate the following with wine included:







Rusty Burgin was honoured to welcome the Membership and asked  Jock Weir  to present the Club's Awards.  The Member of the Year was Tony Cuthbert , The Lady of the Year was Janet Pilgrim , the Murston Shield was presented to Brian Roalf  and the Chairman's Award to Peter Scales.

The half marathon took place at the beginning of April on a similar format as in the previous year.  Amongst the donations were two £75 vouchers from Burtons for the winning lady and man, one donated by Burtons and one by Woodcoombe, the Whitbread Team trophy, £10 Sava Centre Voucher for the second lady and the Cliff Clements Memorial Trophy for the first Woodcoombe runner.

Steve Steer  re-walked  the route to get the accurate Start and Finish Lines.  Richard Shepherd  was responsible for all the new signs, and Alison Clements  received all the runners entries and issued the numbers.  Keith Baldock put forward a programme for the results which could also be adapted for membership if required, with BillTingey making a large contribution to the work. In her Annual General Meeting Report Race Organiser  Sandra Tapp also thanked husband Barrie Tapp for all his help.  Marion  and Colin Gunn were once again there to help with loads of enthusiasm.

Youngsters Nick Gunn and Mark Baldcock   were out at 6 a.m. on Race morning helping to monkey up lampposts hanging up signs.  Roger Ford  told of his marshalling point on Staplehurst Bridge where he became a human wall trying to get the runners off of the road and onto the path over the hump back bridge. A well known lady Club Member forgot to put her alarm on and arrived an hour late;  the C.B. driver ahead of the runners had to stop and “man” a corner until help arrived!  Many of the Marshals returned to the Clubhouse with signs taken down from the lampposts, which was great for those due to drive round taking them down later on.

Although the ½ Marathon never made the Club much money it did a lot to promote itself, and the race was known by the runners as the Sittingbourne ½ Marathon .

Throughout the year the Social Committee Bill and Tina Tingey, Maggie Scales, Una Burgin, Paul Ryder with help from Marion  and  Colin Gunn were firstly Chaired by Ray Oddy then Len Bateman.  They organised a Cockney Evening, an “Um Par” evening, Hen Night, Inter Club Horseracing Evening, Treasure Hunt followed by a Bar-B-Q, a Club Night, a Sports Quiz, organised by Peter Wyeth, Children's Christmas Party, Santa House Calls on Christmas Day, and Eclipse Disco were entertaining in the Club on Christmas Eve., Boxing Day Lunchtime, New Year's Eve and New Year's Lunchtime, all of these family discos were very well supported.  From August onwards there was live music every last Saturday of the month.

To save clashes with Section events and meetings Ray Oddy  requested that a list of what was going on during the month be pinned on the notice board, it was that hectic . 

The Club was obviously very busy with functions, many meetings by the various committees, and improvements going on all around, so on 3 August 1987 Rusty Burgin  again summarised the position at a Main Committee Meeting with an Itinerary to complete improvements.  The bar was completed at the end of July at a cost of just over £16,000, and the Back Bar would cost £1,700.  The Entrance Porch was near completion, and Monday Night Games were improving the flooring around the Dart Board.  New Lights were going up in the lounge, and artex and imitation beam effect in the lounge and games room.  The existing Entrance Hall was to be emulsion and solid doors put into the hall.  There would be a P.A. System in the hall task to Brian Sherwood and a new stereo purchased for the bar task to  Brian Bartlett ,  there would also be a Fireplace built in the bar area.

The Bar Committee were responsible for what went on in the Clubroom, not only prices and in July ordered new gaming machines and a larger pool table for matches, more glasses and a new beer-cooler unit.  Andy Glazier also drew up a new Code of Conduct and children under 14 were not allowed on the tables unless accompanied by an adult.  The Bar Committee comprised of Peter Wyeth, Chairman, Colin Gunn Bar Manager, Andy Glazier, Albert Stubberfield, Bob Warren and  Charlie Yardley , they worked very hard all year.

Throughout the year the Section Secretary Brian Sherwood took back and forth to the Main Club Committee suggestions from the Section Reps, and throughout the year also Brian Bartlett  with representatives from the Sections continued to manage and upkeep Murston Park .  In November Brian  was giving a damage report after a major storm (the 1987 Hurrican),  it had caused a rather large peice of the roof of the club, at the rear of the games room to be torn off. It was also confirmed by the Main Club Committee that it was Brian who had the final word on whether a match was off or not and not the Referee. 

The Football Section again held a very successful 5 a side competition, 39 entries and we won! A new Sunday team was added to the existing Saturday and Sunday teams, an Under 18 team was also started to be managed by Paddy Hines and a Junior Colts team, yes headache for Brian Bartlett the Fixtures Secretary.  Brian pointed out that there were only 33 Sundays in the season and there could be as many as 80 games!  The Youth Section did well with the Under 14 and Under 15 teams  reaching Cup Finals and  the  Under 16  5 a-side team retained the League trophy.

The Badminton Section donated an engraved bell to be used in the new bar, and whilst the Fishing Section were looking for new members Gardening was doing well, and their Make Bake and Grow Show was a great success.  The Golf Society held various competitions and went out 5 times for the day and “Player of the Year for Cricket was Paul Collison

In August and September the Changing Rooms were virtually to plastering and Tony Rees  was putting in new heating and a hot water system for the new showers, Charlie Yardley was in with his paintbrush and £400 was spent on external plastering and pebble dashing, the footballers were pleased.  £300 was allocated to Brian Bartlett to tidy up the land to the rear, and the Club paid Tommy George £300 for new furniture which was a lot cheaper than the asking price, and a new bar was going in the hall.

Richard Shepherd, the newsletter Editor asked the Membership if they would still like their newsletters delivered and received 50 “yes please” replies, other members would collect them from the Clubhouse.

The old cry of “You always get a bat with Woodcoombe” did not apply throughout the season and the Cricket Team won more matches than for many a year.  Brian Bartlett and  Brian Roalf worked hard preparing the square and pitches.

During the year Tricia Shepherd gave up her position of Deputy Bar Manager and  Judy Page  took this over .   Also we saw Richard Shepherd ordering new Club Jumpers with our Club Emblem on, which he designed with Colin Gunn, and it was also agreed that the money raised by Terry Wellard with the numerous raffles he did would go to Indoor Games .

An event which everyone looked forward to namely the third “Christmas Jamboree” took place at the beginning of December, it was once again produced by Rose Hines with side kick Una Burgin, a lot of design work was done by Richard Shepherd and Terry Barton helped a lot on the music side.  Bill Tingey was Stage Director, oh dear Clipboard again for Bill, must be part of your arm by now.  The dress rehearsal was a bit of a nightmare when Brian Sherwood the soundman had trouble with his switch!

Brian Bartlett did a great job as Master of Ceremonies and also did “Play Your Cards Right”  assisted by Deborah Burgin.  With the help of  Brian “Little Emma” picked out the winning programme number.  The audience saw the ROSETTES dancing , THE CHILDREN OF WOODCOOMBE  singing, a serious Ray Oddy singing “Send in the Clowns”,  Gary Masling showing stocking tops, Wendy Bryant and  Sandra Tapp singing “For We're a Couple of Swells”, Jo Pilgrim, Kara Sweeney and Heidi Stonecliff doing a tribute to Charlie Chaplin, “Odds and Stubs” ( Ray Oddy and Albie Stubberfield ) singing strolling and heard the beautiful voices of  Michelle and  Lorraine

Eddie Pilgrim, Andy Newman, Glen Wassell and Trevor Shepherd showed us how not to be “So Macho”,  and Flo and Beth took off Playschool ,  Pea Mount treated us to a “Laura Bunniford”  interview, and then the ROSETTES did a “Grease” tribute with Tina Tingey and  Ray Oddy doing John Travolta and Olivier Newton John's “Better Shape Up”.   The performance ended on a high note with four of the Rosettes:  Lyn Hines, Sue Tapp, Rachel Smith and Julie Matt were joined by Eddie Pilgrim, Glen Wassell and Andy Newman for the Can Can , the men did really well although their timing was occasionally out!!!

The year ended on a high except for the news that Sandra Tapp would have to find a new route for the ½ Marathon as the police objected to us using the A.249 again as part of the route; but that apart with 607 Full Members the total membership stood at 1,847; also the  Golf Society  welcomed their new Chairman Chris Oddy.