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1988 started as a continuation of 1987, a hover and two new coat stands, new Back Bar for the hall, kitchen units being fitted and the kitchen and toilets were re-decorated, money for curtains for the lounge was allocated and everything was going well, then just to put a dampers on things the Boiler room was under water thankfully Rusty Burgin, Brian Barlett and  Colin Gunn were there to pump it out.  A new heating system for the Club suddenly jumped up the priority list.

Tribute should be paid to Rusty Burgin, BRrian Bartlett and  Colin Gunn for all the things they put right in the Club saving many pound notes, nothing was too much trouble and when Colin took his Bar Manager's hat off his Member's hat was still found to be underneath, where the drains were concerned nobody came up smelling of roses!!!

Members enjoyed quizzes on the 18 March and 20 May thanks to  Len Bateman  and there was regular monthly entertainment in the bar, a Tote Race Evening was held and a Fashion Show.  The Pool team felt honoured when the League asked them to host the Pool League Competition in May especially when Colin Gunn negotiated a £350 sponsorship for the competition from Fremlins. 

The Social Committee  during the year was made up of Bill Couchman, (the first Social Secretary who was replaced by Len Bateman in November,)  the committee comprised of Maggie Scales, Marion Gunn, Una Burgin, Len Bateman, Pat Bartlett, Paul Ryder, Judy Page and   Joe Stringer. Marion Gunn had headaches with arranging a float for the carnival it had a Sports and Social Theme, there was not a lot of help forthcoming from the sections but she plugged away and made a good job of her task.

The Presentation Dinner was held on 7 May and Glen Byrne helped out with the printing of the Menus.  Len Bateman really pulled the cat out of the bag when he got England Cricketer DEREK UNDERWOOD to present the awards to:  Una Burgin Lady of the Year,  Member of the Year John Rees, The Murston Shield was presented to Jeff Kemster and the Chairman's Award went to someone who was always in the background helping out Brian Sherwood.

On the 18 th May the INDOOR GAMES SECTION was formed, the committee was elected on 21 June and comprised of John Rees Chairman, Sandra Tapp Secretary, Jackie Sherwood Treasurer and there was a good representation of all the indoor games.

The Annual General Meeting saw some change of faces on the Main Club Committee,  the General Secretary Sandra Tapp had told the Chairman Rusty Burgin that she would be unable to stand for re-election as with the ½ Marathon as well to look after Woodcoombe had become a full time job, however Rusty did persuade Sandra to continue with the ½ Marathon, just like he persuaded Len Bateman to take over as Social Secretary later in the year. 

Rusty Burgin and his powers of persuasion is just a skill he has, many a time at meetings over the years he would say to the Committee, “leave it with me I'll have a word”, and bingo it all happened; subtle management skills!  Committee Members would often disagree with him but he held no grudges especially if the good of Woodcoombe was coming from the other person, in 1985 he gave his Chairman's award to Ray Oddy even though the two of them seemed to disagree continuously.  The words “Madam Secretary” could also be said in different tones!

In her last General Secretary's Report Sandra Tapp explained that the 1000 Club had now given way to the “Tote”.  She went on to remind the membership that our Lease on the Clubhouse ran out in 8 years and urged conserving our income with a view to purchasing the Clubhouse in 3 years when the rent would inevitably go up, she felt negotiations along this line should be on the drawing board within 18 months. She added that it had been a privilege to serve as General Secretary for the past three years when all her goals had been achieved.

In his report Peter Wyeth the Chairman of the Bar Committee thanked the Bar Committee for the tremendous amount of work put in.  The committee was:  Colin Gunn, Terry Wellard, Albert Stubberfield, Andy Glazier and  Bob Warren.  Throughout the year we had seen the following staff making the purchase of a drink more enjoyable:  Deputy Manager Judy Page, plus Barry Clark, George Baker, Tricia Shepherd, Marie Piper, Barbara Green, Sara Poultney, Pam Patterson, Ginny Redbond and Alan Melloy.  Peter also thanked Helen Phillips and Judy Page for keeping the Clubhouse spick and span.

A healthy and detailed Treasurer's Report was received from Peter Scales and reports were received from Tony Cuthbert, Membership, Brian Bartlett Land, Brian Sherwood Sections, Len Bateman Social, Barrie Tapp Golf, Dave Matthews Football , Brian Sherwood Cricket, Jackie Sherwood Gardening, Janet Pilgrim Badminton, Eddie Pilgrim Youth.  Tony's Membership Report showed: 644 Full Members, 580 spouses, 70 O.A.P., 15 Honorary and 648 Under 18's, a total of 1957 Members. Membership was kept at £6 and agreed £10 for new Members. 

The Chairman thanked Gardening for the two benches outside the lounge door and thanked the many people who had put themselves out to practically meet all our targets, Rusty Burgin added that he hoped the next two years would be quieter ones with no major improvements planned.

The new Committee was  Rusty Burgin Chairman, Brian Sherwood General Secretary, Peter Scales Treasurer, Tony Cuthbert Membership, Peter Wyeth  Bar, Brian Bartlett Land, Andy Glazier Sections, Bill Couchman Social, R. Williams Editor, Albert Stubberfield, Terry Wellard and Colin Gunn General Committee Members.

A significant alteration was made to the comings and goings of the Members on the day of the Annual General Meeting when the new porch entrance was opened – no longer would the old entry door be used.

The Welsh Football team came for a visit in June and the Club purchased a new typewriter. Football received a loan which turned into a grant of £250 for kit, unfortunately their 5 a-side competition had to be cancelled due to the bad weather, this weather also effected the flat roof over the lounge and this was repaired.

A new Bar Committee also took up it's roll in June in the form of Peter Wyeth , Terry Wellard, Colin Gunn (Bar Manager) Roger Ford, Barry Clark, Nick Graham, Chris Oddy and Alan Melloy

At September's Committee Meeting Peter Scales reported takings rising as were expenses on such items as tarmacing  the  area around the swings and  repairs on the Dennis Mower.  On 22 September the first discussions on purchasing the Club took  place at the Committee Meeting  Peter  said that we were not yet in a financial position where we could, but he would write to Blue Circle when the painting was finished.  The Committee agreed to go for Building Regulations on Phases 1 and 2 on the site earmarked for the erection of a Clubhouse on Murston Park, this to be a two storey building. 

Meanwhile the Cricket Season had finished and once again Paul Collison was voted “Player of the Year”.

The last quarter of the year there was a Barn Dance, Quiz Night, Club Evenings and 30 Members went to see the Wogan Show.  Out on the field the garage was broken into and the hedge trimmer stolen and it was agreed at Brian Barlett's suggestion that pitches booked outside of Murston Park would be paid for out of Main Club funds.   On the move were the Badminton Section who left Lansdown School and headed across to Rowena Sports Centre.

In the Clubhouse a fixed partition was erected for darts with initiatives from Indoor Games and Colin Gunn and Bill Couchman and Terry Wellard agreed to run a tote,  Bill would also purchase a Bingo Machine.  Due to the draft around the fireplace Rusty Burgin said he would look into laying a suitable gas supply for a Gas Fire.

On 5 December Peter Scales had a bit of a shock when he received the Solicitor's bill for the Lease of the Clubhouse, yes it did take it's time in arriving and was for £700,  but this did not put the dampers on the Casino Night run by Colin Gunn (won lots of beer, wish it had been money), nor on the Christmas Dance, Childrens' Christmas Party and Santa House Calls which once again inspired RAY ODDY.   Christmas and New Year were once again celebrated in true Woodcoombe style.