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At the first Main Club Committee meeting in January 1998 the Chairman welcomed the committee with a big smile, the whole committee was still beaming with the progress made on the extension.

At this meeting, as at all meetings, Action Points were discussed and one of these was Action Point 1 known as AP1 9/95,  which was to review fire alarm regulations prior to renewal in June 1998 and it was agreed the necessary funds were there. There can be as many as 12 Action Points or more carried forward from meeting to meeting until they are discharged.  These Points can be on the agenda for a long time or just whilst the committee is for example investigating prices.  Action Points show the date they were instigated and usually begin with the words:  Repair, investigate, re-examine, and obtain costs etc., so the Committee always has a list of on-going work to look at. In January the committee also “actioned” heating and electrics in the extension.

In the first quarter of the year the side windows on the south wall of the games room were blocked up and it was agreed to spend £1,500 on the fire doors in the extension, also the drains were tested and extraction filter equipment purchased. The patio would cost £1,300, and in May it was agreed to spend £3,000 on curtains for the extension and games room, this included rail tracks and fitting.  In all Peter Scales told the committee that £66,000 had been spent on the extension project including carpets and the patio.  Headly Barney kindly made new cue safes.

After asking the Members it was agreed that the Quiet Room which was non-smoking would be restricted to children over the age of 14, and those between the ages of 14-16 years had to be accompanied by an adult.  Next door in the new office/meeting room the décor was completed.

The Tennis Court Project was running in parallel with the finalisation of the extension. Swale Borough Council's original grant for the Bowls was transferred by them to the tennis courts but we had to spend the money by mid March, we also had the grant for £18,000 from The Foundation of Sports and Arts, so we had to get a move on.  In February the committee accepted the tender from Baylis as they would add optional extras such as polyurethane paint and higher fencing, they would also include provision of cricket practice nets and the initial regrading of surrounding areas to facilitate landscaping at a future date.  Our groundsmen were out there clearing trees etc. and the project was completed in April, and officially opened by the Mayor on 11 July with other Council officers present and members of the Sports Foundation.

At the  Annual General Meeting the committee elected was:  Chairman Rusty Burgin, General Secretary Terry Wellard, Treasurer Peter Scales, Land Secretary Brian Bartlett, Membership Colin Gunn, Social Paul Ryder, Editor John Page, and the five General Committee Members Trisha Shepherd, Mally White, Richard Beard, Geoff Marriott and Barry Clark.  Membership stayed at £10 renewal and £25 for new Members.

Membership Stood at 545 plus 79 retired and 15 Honorary, 639 voting Members with a total in all of 1,685.  The Chairman in his report said that the club had received various outside compliments on the good housekeeping of Murston Park . A new Rule was passed “No Member may propose or second more than three persons for full membership and their associates to club membership in one year”.

Eddie Pilgrim Youth/Football Secretary reported that 3 coachfuls of boys had gone to Charlton and the U.10, U.11, U.13 and U.14 teams like the Senior Sport and Social sides had a good season but no silverware.  In September the U.10 team entered the Swallows 6 a-side competition.  Ross Kavanagh scored all six goals en route to the final where Gary Newman the wonder goalie saved two goals in a penalty shoot out resulting in the team lifting the cup.  Other Members of the team were Stuart Lawson, James Brincat, Samuel Mulligan and James Payne.

Jennie Phillips took over as the Secretary of Gardening and she reported success at the Make Bake and Grow Show, several speakers, an outing to Sheffield Park , a quiz night and Beatle Drive , which she won!

The Golf Section again enjoyed a very successful year with Captain Lee Fisher both the Society Champion and Golfer of the Year .  The Committee's Golfer was Ron Goodwin and the Chairman's Putter  went to John Revell.  Terry Saunders won The Mike Savage Memorial Trophy, Ron Goodwin The Mizpah Trophy, Lee Fisher Captain's Prize, Steve Revell Woodcoombe Shield, Kevin Gambell The Whitbread Challenge Trophy, John Revell The Jock Weir Trophy, Mick George Murston Park Cup and Paul Rider The Snowflake Cup.

In March Andy Glazier reported that Monday Night Games had won the League and won the Island Cup for the most table games won.

The Dinner/Dance in May was a complete sell out and the Club's Main Awards were presented to:  Rusty Burgin  Member  of the Year, Mandy Feavor Lady of the Year, Kevin Overy Murston Park Shield, and the Chairman's Award went to Paul Ryder.

In June due to personal reasons Brian Roalf our Assistant Groundsman had to leave,  Brian was an all round Member of the Club and very active for many years and the Club would miss all his efforts. 

The Groundsmen Brian Bartlett and Archie Huntley were busy all year as usual with preparation of pitches and the cricket square, they not only looked after Murston Park but the back of the clubhouse including the area around the new tennis courts.  The gang mowers and tractor were serviced, land watering equipment was purchased and in use and the two sheds were painted, the hedge cutter had to be serviced and at the start of the football season they had trouble with painting the white lines around the pitches due to the weather.

Honorary Membership was granted to Peter Wyeth, Eddie Pilgrim and Rusty Burgin in June, and also at this time the Club's Registration Certificate for 5 years was granted on 8 June, and the Club's final Fire Safety Certificate received.  The Treasurer reported that he had allowed £15,000 for the purchase of furniture for the extension.

Around the Club the same officers were elected by the Youth/Football Section:  Trevor Shepherd, Eddie Pilgrim and Ken Newman, and the Indoor Games Committee also re-elected their officers:  Andy Galzier, Bob O'Rawe and Terry Wellard.  The Bar Committee Chaired by Terry Wellard had the same committee:  John Page, Paul Ryder, Roger Ford and Nick Graham. The Golf Society, late in the year, re-elected Fred Taylor as their Chairman, Brian Bartlett Secretary, John Revell Treasurer  and Lee Fisher Captain.

Due to the costs it was decided to cancel the Firework Display this year and the committee also changed to Telewest from Sky to save money.  A collection was made for the Air Ambulance of £395 which the Club made up to £500 and we also gave permission for a 5 a-side competition in aid of the Air Ambulance.  Mandy Feaver was made a Senior Member of the Bar Staff covering the Manager and Deputy Managers. To celebrate the Millennium a special committee was formed consisting of Terry Wellard, John Page, Geoff Marriott and Paul Ryder.

In November Peter Scales the Treasurer reported a refund from the Gas Board of £1,000 due to the changeover, and it was agreed to spend approximately £19,000 on 50 “Easy Go” chairs, bench seating and tables for the new lounge; the existing furniture was moved into the quiet room.

In December Michael Rose and Daren White entered the National Pool Competition and did well, they thanked Andy Glazier for all his help.

Throughout the year the Fishing Section grew and flourished and were regularly out on the water; with 50 Senior Members and 12 Juniors they had to close their Membership list.  In December they became fully paid Members of the National Federation of Sea Anglers. The Nellie and George Moss Trophy winner was Don Cairns.

The Social Committee under the Chairmanship of  Paul Ryder had it's usual hectic year, thanks went to Mally White, Steve Russell, Doreen Arnold, Jackie White, George Moss, Terry Wellard Trish Shepherd, Sue Clark, Geoff Marriott and a special thanks from Paul  to Marion Gunn who was always there and to Colin Gunn for printing the “What's On” social calendar.

Socially the Members enjoyed regular monthly Bingo, Music in the Bar on St. Valentine's Night, a Hen Night, Quiz Night and the Easter Weekend in April saw live music in the bar, an Egg Hunt won by Christopher Mills who found 147 eggs!  The Easter Bonnet Parade was won by Stacey Pearce.

The first Bank Holiday in May Rob Jay a saxophonist entertained in the bar, there was a disco the next day and a Bar-be-q plus Bat and Trap and bouncy castle the next day; the social committee stuck to the same format for the second Bank Holiday. In June there was a disco after the Carnival and in July Maggie Langden a comedienne entertained in the bar.  There was a Summer Day Out to Thorpe Park , and on the August Bank Holiday there was a disco one day, a bar-be-q with Bat and Trap and bouncy castle of course on the next day followed by another disco. In August there was also music in the bar with Rob Jay.  Lots of summer entertainment for all to enjoy!

At the end of October there was a Halloween Night and a week later Garry Hall a vocalist and guitarist sang and played in the lounge.  The Christmas period was manic for the Social Committee with a party for children aged 2-5 years and disco for the older 6-14 years.  The older Members enjoyed a Christmas Eve Disco, Boxing Day Disco and the Members only New Year's Eve party.  Father Christmas was of course out on his sleigh on Christmas morning delivering parcels to the children.

In 1997  the Members celebrated Christmas with a partition between them and the new extension, in 1998  not only did they enjoy the two new lounges but they had lovely new furniture to sit on and up to!