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1999 was a relatively quiet year after the previous two with the general upkeep around the Clubhouse and on Murston Park the order of the day. The committee looked at it's own needs, and those needs of staff, who used the office and purchased new filing cabinets and a new superior photo copier which all the sections would be able to use.

Youngsters Kerry Clark and Lisa White represented England against Germany in the European Finals of the National Baton Twirling Competition and Darren White was playing for the Kent Pool League, so the youngsters were doing well. In the Youth/Football Section Chris Russell took over as Chairman.

At the Annual General Meeting the Chairman Rusty Burgin enlarged on the future plans made by the committee in the first four months of the year. He reported to the membership that the aim of the committee was to smarten up the front elevation of the Clubhouse with new windows and front porch, drawings were on display. The plan was also to do a conversion in the old toilets with the “Ladies” to be both for women and men, and the “Gents” to become an Invalid toilet and the remaining area providing extra space for enlarging the bar cellar.  He said that work would be phased over two years, however due to a hold up over Building Regulations work never got started in 1999 but it was all there on the drawing board.

Peter Scales the Treasurer reported that the major improvements and equipment had cost the Club £67,500. Colin Gunn the Membership Secretary showed Membership as 1658 in all categories, and the Land Secretary Brian Bartlett reported that due to motorcycle problems a kissing-gate and farm gate had been erected as a deterrent. Brian received praise for the condition of Murston Park and the three football pitches had stood up to the rigours of a hectic season, he thanked Archie Huntley for his major contribution to the work.

The Main Club Committee saw some changes and were as follows:  Rusty Burgin Chairman, Terry Wellard General Secretary, Peter Scales Treasurer, Brian Bartlett Land, Colin Gunn Membership, the return of an old face as Editor Sandra Baldock nee Tapp , and with no volunteer to take over as Social Secretary six General Committee Members were elected:  Trevor Shepherd, Mally White, Barry Clark, John Page, John Croucher and Andy Glazier.  At the first meeting of the committee Trevor Shepherd agreed to take on the role of Social Secretary.

Golf had had a good season and one of the outings was a 3-day trip to Botley Park Golf and Country Club.  The winners of the silverware were:  Adrian Jones The Snowflake Cup, Peter Coomber The Mike Savage Memorial Trophy, Dave Hancock Captain's Prize, John Hancock Woodcoombe Shield, Peter Ryder Whitbread Challenge Trophy, Andy Poppy Jock Weir Trophy, and John Revell Murston Park Cup.

At the Annual General Meeting Jennie Phillips Secretary of the Gardening Section, now 20 years old, reported on a successful Make, Bake and Grow Show and quite a few speakers, these included Alistair Jacks speaking on the North Down's Diary in Bobbing and how they processed their cheese, and a Monet evening with a video showing how his famous garden in Giverny is looked after.

All was going well with the Indoor Games Section and the 5 th Table Tennis team had won Division 4.  The winner of the Indoor Games competition overall was Paul Ryder.  The U.10 and U.11 Football teams reached cup semi finals and were runners up in their leagues. U.10 George Edmonds scored loads of goals! The Senior Social side had got through to two cup semi finals but alas no triumphs. The Fishing Section Secretary Graham Whitehead stated that they were running competitions monthly varying from beach to pier with over 30 members turning out.

Prior to the Annual General Meeting Paul Ryder and his Social Committee had organised 4 bingo sessions, music in the bar on 3 occasions, and karaoke on St. Valentine's Day.  It also fell to them to organise the very successful Presentation Dinner/Dance with a singer and comedian.  At the dinner the Club's Main Awards were presented to:  Member of the Year Don Cairns , Sheila Russell Lady of the Year , The Murston Park Shield  went to Fred Cornelius, The Chairman's Award to Terry Wellard, Geoff Kempster Award to Richard Beard.

In the summer our Groundsmen started putting in gates and fencing which would enclose the Clubhouse and it's grounds, Brian Bartlett also started looking at the possibility of adapting the side of the Clubhouse into a car park.  We decided to ask for a grant for gates and fences around Murston Park , this was mainly instigated due to loose horses becoming a major problem.

Colin Gunn had a meeting with the “cellar man” so he could work out how to cause the least interruption when the alterations were made.  Meanwhile the Bar Committee Terry Wellard, Roger Ford, Nick Graham, Eddie Pilgrim and Peter Wyeth came to the Main Club Committee with their “New Terms of Reference for the Bar Committee” which were approved.

Trevor Shepherd's Social committee never had a dull moment; they were busy with monthly bingo and music in the bar.  There was a Hen Night, Nosh & Knowledge, Fancy Dress for Halloween and a day out to Drucilla's . On Bank Holidays there were bar-b- ques , discos and bouncy castles. They also arranged a Children's Christmas party for the 2-5 year olds and a karaoke for 6-14 years, a Karaoke evening on the 19 th December in the bar, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day Discos and Father Christmas house calls Christmas day.

We also purchased a wide screen television and new Trophy Cabinets, a new bottle cooler was installed and Indoor Games purchased a new table tennis table.  We lent out our 5 a-side goal posts for the “Down Syndrone ” Children's event.

The ladies in the Club had a good year:

· Jean Huntley “super gardener”  and sweet pea specialist won Best in Show at Faversham and 1 st and 2 nd at Detling .

· Jackie White  went fishing with the Fishing Section and beat 24 men with a catch of Black Bream, this gained her the News of the World “ Silstar Beach caster” Award.

· Pauline Saunders caught an eel weighing 11lbs. 12 ozs .

· Pat Bartlett scored 180 playing darts against the Snooker Club

· Kim Richards was credited with the highest check out of 117 in the winter darts league.

· June Ford, Ellen Matson, Tina Tingey and Jan Pilgrim out of 30 teams reached the final of the Ladies Darts Rose bowl competition.

· The Ladies Darts A Team finished runners-up in the league.

The Millennium Committee were of course busy throughout the year making arrangements for the “ big night”.  On New Year's Eve it was agreed to have an “All Inclusive Drinks Party” costing £20 for adults, £10 O.A.P.s , £5 for children aged 12-18 years and £3 for children 3-11 years.  .  The tickets went on sale in September and sales were stopped on December 14 th to allow for proper organisation. The Millennium collection bottle fund sponsored the champagne and the cost of the motif on glasses; each adult received a special Millennium glass with their first drink which they were able to keep.  There were also freebees for the children.  The Clubhouse was open at 7 p.m. and at midnight Members welcomed not just a New Year but also a new century; celebrations continued until 2 a.m.

The Millennium evening was a great success and many letters of praise were received for the way it was organised, there were requests for All Inclusive evenings again. It should be appreciated that a lot of hard work went into organising this event by Colin and  Marion Gunn, Terry Wellard, John Page, Geoff Marriott and Paul Ryder members of the special Millennium committee. Thanks went to the bar staff who did four hour shifts to man the bar.